Aftermarket vs. OEM parts - which is best?

Aftermarket vs. OEM parts - which is best?

If you’re in the market for replacement parts, you may be wondering if aftermarket or OEM parts are better.

Ordering the right part the first time around saves time, money and frustration. While both variations of parts have their pros and cons, it’s helpful to understand how they differ.

What are OEM parts?

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) are produced in exactly the same place that the original car part was manufactured, by the vehicle manufacturer.

In some cases, the part may be made by an external supplier to the exact specifications designed by the vehicle manufacturer. 

OEM is a popular choice when sourcing parts as they are guaranteed to fit your vehicle.

What are aftermarket parts?

An aftermarket part comes from a supplier that is not the original vehicle manufacturer. They are designed to be near exact replicas of the original part.

These parts can vary greatly in quality and price but working with a trusted supplier for your aftermarket part ensures that you are guaranteed quality.

Founder and Owner of All Automotive Parts, Greg Stubbs says “The quality, materials, and reliability of aftermarket parts have come a long way and are now proving to be a very cost-effective and convenient option for mechanics and car owners alike”.

“Price points for aftermarket parts can usually offer a good indication of the quality of the part”, he said.  

It’s important to note that not all parts will be available from aftermarket manufacturers. This may be the case for less commonly replaced parts or parts for rare cars. In this case you may face the expensive prospect of sourcing genuine parts.

Aftermarket vs OEM parts

Now that we are familiar with aftermarket and OEM parts - how do they stack up? The right component will depend on your budget, the type of part you require and how soon you need it. 

Advantages of OEM parts:

  • High-quality parts guaranteed to fit your vehicle
  • Ease of choice - don’t have to weigh up several brands
  • Come with warranty 

OEM cons:

  • Can be up to 60% more expensive than aftermarket parts
  • Only available from the dealership
  • Often sold out within Australia
  • Long wait times on orders

Aftermarket pros:

  • More cost-effective (can be half the price of OEM parts)
  • Can purchase from numerous sources 
  • Better availability
  • More choice and competitive pricing
  • Less waiting time on parts
  • Better quality parts - in some cases

Aftermarket cons:

  • Quality can vary (make sure you source from a reputable supplier)
  • Fit with vehicle is not guaranteed 
  • Don’t always come with warranty

Aftermarket parts are often a more timely, cost-effective choice.


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